Eleven Madison Park to Play (Card) Tricks on You

Some big changes are happening at Will Guidara and Daniel Humm's restaurant

Sure, you thought with NoMad opening and the James Beard Awards, Daniel Humm and William Guidara would just sit back with some whiskey and relax. But no, they're throwing you a curve ball, complete with card tricks and magic and smokes and a whole lot of New York love.

The New York Times reports that some big changes are in the works at Eleven Madison Park, hitting the New York restaurant just after Labor Day. On deck: A $195 menu of "card tricks, a glass dome full of smoke, a blast of sea mist from a tabletop clambake and a cheese course that emerges from a picnic basket placed on the table."

Turns out EMP is keeping the grid menu, but working in a tasting menu of about 12 dishes. Humm and Guidara are nixing the $125 menu option, only allowing guests to choose a $195 New York extravaganza (roughly four-hours long, even for lunch).

Fortunately, New York enthusiasts and historians will get a bit more of their Big Apple fill; the Times reports that the menu and presentation will all feature New York-area artisans, artists, distillers, and farmers.

And while the menu switch is considered an act of "enormous New York confidence," according to one restaurateur, the EMP team seems to know what they're doing.

"There is no point in adding elements of showmanship if it isn’t fun," Guidara told the Times. "We’re not looking to impress people. We want to entertain them." And if you want casual (ish), there's always NoMad.