Taco Mix: Elevated Street Tacos At Harlem's Taco Mix

Elevated Street Tacos At Harlem's Taco Mix

The weekend is almost upon us, which means that it’s time to search for the best Latin grub for after-hours. A friend and Puebla native tells me to venture up to East Harlem to a "hole in the wall" that offers quality dishes. If you can’t afford that vacation to Mexico this summer, at least get the next best thing. Make a visit to Taco Mix where you can savor a rainbow of gorditas, quesadillas, and arepas without leaving the island. These unknown street vendors would be the envy of any upmarket New York chef — they wish they could cook this good!

Taco Mix is a Mexican cuisine lover’s paradise where hefty mounds of sizzling orange meat is generously doused in spices and layered around a spit with vicious flames that roast it ever so beautifully.

The operator of this unique apparatus aggressively slices juicy pork onto a freshly made and charred tortilla like a samurai. He then uses a kitchen sword to slash a ripe pineapple and adds slivers of the tropical fruit on top. Next ingredient: a bouquet of fragrant cilantro and onion showering over the gorgeous and inviting meat. If that’s not enough, two salsas, verde and rioja, will satisfy your heat addiction.

“These should be illegal,” I say to myself. How can something that’s $2.50 be so good? Thankfully, it is. Head up north to East Harlem, make your way to Taco Mix, grab some ice cold brews, and prepare to enjoy a feast you’ll want over and over again!