Electronic Bracelet Tracks Everything You Drink

Well, if you're at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic opening gala, anyway
Cocktail Drinks to Remember the Next Day

Cocktail Drinks to Remember the Next Day

Well hey, if you ever wake up the next morning thinking, "What did I drink last night?" this bracelet might be your answer.

The lucky folk attending the booze extravaganza that is the Gala at the New York Public Library (the opening party for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic) will reportedly get to try out optional bracelets that will track every cocktail they drink.

The following Monday morning, "all NFC users will receive a customized email containing detailed recipes for each drink they sampled," the press release said. So while you may not remember which cocktail you liked, at least you can recreate the night with as many cocktails as you can make.

While this may be a scary innovation, it's less scary than receiving an email detailing everything you did that night while completely wasted.