Eco-Friendly Refrigerator Makes Leftovers Look Like Art

Rotten leftovers and messy fridges may be a thing of the past, as 21-year-old design student Ben de la Roche has developed this nifty refrigeration unit that presents food as art.

The open refrigeration wall, which has been shortlisted for the international Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Award, utilizes a honeycomb shape, where pins can slide in and out to make compartments for food or bottles. Since food is displayed on a vertical plane, rather than hidden, users are also less likely to forget about what food they have available.

"It's well suited to the flatting environment as it allows everyone's food to be placed in separate sections of the wall," de la Roche told Massey University. A motor in the back sends out vibrations to create cold air in open chambers.

Since his innovation (named Impress) only chills items inside activated compartments, in theory, the wall uses less electricity and less harmful gases. Bonus points for allowing both plates and bottles, so it doesn't turn into a beer wall. Check out the video below.