You Can View The Last McDonald's Burger In Iceland On Display

In several well-publicized experiments, over time, McDonald's burgers have been shown to not rot, or even grown a hint of mold. That hypothesis may be contested, but the very last McDonald's burger in Iceland has been on display for the past five years without any symptoms of decay. McDonald's exited Iceland in 2009 following the economic crash. A man named Hjör­tur Smára­son decided to purchase a burger and kept it in a plastic bag for three years. He then transported it to the National Museum of Iceland, where it was displayed until recently, when the museum gave the burger back, saying that it had become too difficult to preserve the burger.

"I had heard some­thing about McDonald's never decaying, so I just wanted to find out for my­self whether this was true or not," Smára­son told ITV.

You can still view the slowly deteriorating burger at the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik, where he said that the museum's concerns about preserving the burger are unsubstantiated because the burger seems to be "preserving itself." Indeed, according to the photos, the burger seems to look exactly like it's fresh out of the cardboard box. If you can't get yourself to Iceland to see this McWonder, you can also check out the hostel's webcam.