Why You Shouldn't Go to a Restaurant on Valentine's Day

Want romance? Stay home!
Couple Cooking


Use the holiday as an opportunity to cook a nice meal together. 

For some reason, just about everyone thinks they should go to a “romantic” restaurant on Valentine’s Day. We have it in our head that an overpriced prix fixe menu chased with an overpriced bottle of wine and a refrigerated chocolate dessert is the right way to go on this holiday, but, in fact, the exact opposite is true: stay away from restaurants, and stay at home.

There are two reasons why you should stay home on Valentine’s Day: One, it’s what’s referred to as “amateur hour” at restaurants, and second, there’s far more romance in a home-cooked meal than there is at a fancy-schmancy restaurant.

There’s a reason why every single Valentine’s Day menu is prix fixe: It’s a way for the kitchen to churn out a high volume of the exact same dishes (because everyone is forced to order basically the same thing), and it’s also a great way to jack up the price. If you’re forced to pay $75 for three courses (and who can resist a supplementary $30 wine pairing?), you end up forking over a lot more money than if you just ordered two entrées, one dessert, and one reasonably priced bottle of wine. But restaurants also know that you’ll be more willing to part with more cash, for the simple reason that it’s Valentine’s Day.

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So here’s what you do: Make a couple of nice steaks together (or anything, really, as long as it’s not Lunchables), get the kids out of the house, put a tablecloth on the kitchen table, dim the lights, light some candles, turn on some Al Green, open that nice bottle of wine you’ve been saving, and enjoy your meal in the peace and quiet of your very own home. It’ll be a quieter and more romantic experience than trying to get a harried waiter’s attention in a packed Italian restaurant, and the food will probably taste better anyway.