Why Buffalo Legs Are the Buffalo Wings of Your Dreams

If you like Buffalo wings, you’ll really like Buffalo legs
Buffalo Legs

Dan Myers

Buffalo legs are fried low and slow, and taste even better than Buffalo wings.

If you’re like most people, you most likely love Buffalo wings. They’re spicy, crispy, greasy, go perfectly with beer, and are shareable, making them perfect for game day and drinking sessions. But there’s another part of the chicken that takes just as well — if not better — to fryer oil and Frank’s RedHot as the wings, and if you’re not eating them you’re missing out: the legs. Yes, Buffalo legs are insanely delicious, and you should be eating them.

There’s a big difference between a regular rotisserie-style chicken leg dipped in wing sauce and Buffalo legs. In order to make the perfect Buffalo leg, which is golden-brown and crispy, with nearly all the fat rendered out, it needs to be deep-fried in oil that’s around 275 degrees F for 30-40 minutes, low and slow, a complete turnaround from the 350 degrees that wings are fried in. But once those legs come out of the fryer and are tossed with wing sauce, they’re better than any wing you’ll ever try.

These may be a little intimidating and time-consuming for the home cook, but if you bust these out at a party they’ll knock your guests’ socks off. And chefs: If you put these on the menu at your restaurant, there will be lines out the door for them. 

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