Which Dictator Do You Eat Like?

These folks had some strange eating habits
Wikimedia Commons

Mealtime was a thing of great concern for Hitler and Mussolini.

Dictators make for an interesting crop of people. You need to be a little bit “off” in order to believe that you have the right to rule millions of people with an iron fist, and in many cases their dietary choices reflected that off-kilter mindset. Some dictators’ diets were dictated by paranoia, while others simply ate weird things because they were weird people. Here are the favorite (or most commonly eaten) foods of some of history’s most infamous dictators, according to the BBC, The Telegraph, and Thrillist.

King Henry VIII
Grilled beaver tails, whale, and roasted peacock

Muammar Gaddafi
Couscous with camel meat, Italian food

Adolf Hitler
Clear soup and mashed potatoes (because he was afraid of being poisoned); liver dumplings; pigeon stuffed with tongue, liver, and pistachios

Saddam Hussein
Raisin Bran Crunch, Mars Bars

Joseph Stalin
Spicy Georgian lamb stew, satsivi (chicken stew in walnut sauce)

Joseph Broz Tito
Raw vegetable juice, sliced warm pig fat

Nicolae Ceauşescu
Chicken stew made with the whole chicken (including the head)

António Salazar
Sardines, fish bone soup

Fidel Castro
Turtle soup

Benito Mussolini
Chopped raw garlic with oil and lemon

Idi Amin
Oranges, roast goat

Pol Pot
Cobra and peanut stew

Kim Jong-Il
Shark fin soup, dog meat soup, puffer fish sushi

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