What Does Ted Cruz Eat?

The Iowa Caucus winner’s favorite food is one you might not expect
Ted Cruz

Cruz was one of the primary architects of the 2013 government shutdown. 

Senator Ted Cruz managed to pull out a decisive victory last night at the Iowa Caucus, and while a front-runner status is still not guaranteed, it certainly looked good for his image (and not so good for Donald Trump’s). The Texas senator has certainly been clear on his political positions, but when it comes to his personal, non-political preferences he hasn’t been too forthcoming. We set out to see what we could find about that most crucial of wedge issues: what Ted Cruz likes to eat.

In a 2013 interview with the Des Moines Register, Cruz was certainly forthcoming about what he doesn’t like to eat. “I despise avocado,” he said. “It’s the only food I dislike, and I dislike it passionately.” We doubt that avocado is the only food he dislikes, but he revealed to the Dallas Morning News in 2012 that his favorite food is beef enchiladas and his favorite alcoholic beverage is Guinness.


Cruz hasn’t been spotted eating on the campaign trail too many times, and if he has there haven’t been any reports on what he ordered, even though he’s made campaign stops at plenty of diners and pizzerias. One bright spot, however: He also told the Dallas Morning News that his favorite movie is The Princess Bride, so hopefully if he’s elected President he’ll know not to get involved in any land wars in Asia.