What Are your Favorite Condiments? Take Our Survey!

We’re ranking America’s favorite condiments and major brands

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Nial Bradshaw/ CC4.0

What condiment is no dish complete without?

Are you the type of person who thinks that no dish is complete without a squirt of ketchup, or have you sworn off the stuff entirely? Is a sandwich not a sandwich unless it has a smear of mayonnaise on it? Do you keep a bottle of hot sauce in your purse at all times? What are the condiments that you absolutely can’t live without? Take our survey and let us know!

America’s Favorite Condiments (Survey Link)

Condiments come in many stripes, but at the end of the day, they all accomplish the same goal: making whatever food they’re applied to taste better. Tangy, sweet, salty, bitter… however you’re looking to kick up your food, there’s a condiment for that. And not only do we want to know what your favorites are, we also want to know which brands you’re most loyal to.

Click this link to take our survey by noon on Thursday, November 5, and you’ll choose five condiments from more than 25 options, ranging from barbecue sauce and basil pesto to fish sauce, chow chow, and sriracha. Make sure that these are the five condiments that your life would be incomplete without, the ones that you have in your fridge at all times. We’re also asking you to choose up to three major brands from a list of 16 that you have brand loyalty to and would never stray from. You’ll also have the opportunity to write in your votes, in case your favorite condiment isn’t included.

Once you’ve cast your ballot, check back in later this week to learn which condiments and brands came out on top. The results may surprise you!


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