Weird Things That People Have Found in Their McDonald's Order

People have found a lot of weird stuff in their McDonald’s food

A woman claimed to have found a deep-fried chicken head with her McNuggets in 2000.

When you open your bag of McDonald’s, unwrap your sandwich, and take a bite, you expect things to proceed as usual. But sometimes people find some really weird and unexpected stuff in their McDonald’s order. Here are five.

Human Tooth
In August 2014, a visitor to an Osaka outpost of McDonald’s discovered a shard of human tooth in their order of fries. McDonald’s conducted an investigation and was unable to find any way that the tooth could work its way into the order.

McDonald’s Japan is on a bit of a losing streak. Recently, two customers discovered pieces of plastic in their Chicken McNuggets ordered from a Japanese McDonald’s. In response, McDonald’s pulled the nearly 1,000,000 nuggets that were made in the same Thai factory on that day, but another customer found plastic in his McNugget two days later.

Chicken Head
Back in 2000, a woman bought a couple orders of McNuggets for her kids, and what she found was terrifying: a whole chicken head that had been battered and fried. While many people thought that it was just an urban legend, it’s actually true.

In 2009, a girl in Switzerland reportedly found a condom in her McDonald’s French fries.  The seven-year-old girl’s mother called the police, who launched an investigation.


In 2007, a Canadian family claimed that a used Band-Aid was found lurking in their McDonald’s fries. They filed a lawsuit claiming that they immediately became queasy and nauseous at the prospect of eating food tainted by the Band-Aid. McDonald’s Canada launched an internal investigation, and discovered that the family planted the Band-Aid themselves.