Vote for America’s Best Taco 2017

We’ve rounded up some of the most raved- about tacos in the country for your votes


Which is your favorite taco?

I have never met a taco I didn’t like. Hard shell or soft. Corn tortilla or flour. For breakfast or dinner. Carne asada, fish, or black bean. From a truck or eaten at a restaurant. It’s really hard to go wrong with this quite nearly perfect food.

Vote for your favorite taco.

So thank goodness it’s not left to me to pick the country’s best tacos. I just wouldn’t be able to. I’ve been known to push for road-trip detours to try a must-eat spot.

This is where you, our loyal readers, come in. For the fifth year, we need your assistance to help us choose the top taco. Will it be a SoCal fish taco? Or an Austin breakfast taco? Or perhaps a San Antonio puffy taco? Living in New York City, many of my loyalties lie with our ever-improving Mexican cuisine scene. (It’s hard to beat a summertime taco on the beach.)


Cast your vote, and come back in early May to see the results.