Vera Wang and Ladurée Cook Up the Year’s Most Beautiful Wedding Cake

Two iconic brands debuted a mango-coconut wedding cake
The mango-coconut wedding cake
Courtesy of Vera Wang

The mango-coconut wedding cake and a Vera Wang gown

One of the country’s most iconic wedding dress designers has teamed up with Paris’ most iconic bakery for what could be the most sought-after wedding cake for 2018. In a way, Vera Wang has been designing beautiful wedding confections for decades — except in the form of the stylish dresses that have made her name a shorthand for elegant wedding attire. Ladurée, meanwhile, has been selling macaroons and pastries in Paris for more than 100 years.

Together, they’ve designed a limited-edition mango-coconut wedding cake and coconut crème chantilly macarons. The multi-tiered white cake would be a stunning centerpiece for any celebration.

"Among my most memorable and enchanting experiences in Paris has always been Ladurée. Whether it was tea sandwiches, shopping with my mother, or taking my daughters for lunch in St Germain, Ladurée has always been a part of my Parisian experience,” Wang said in a statement.

And no doubt, there are other fans just as enthusiastic. This is the first designer partnership for the French brand.

For now, the cake is on display in the windows of Ladurée’s New York City locations. But you don’t have to be getting married to indulge. Individual cakes will be on sale for $20 each, and event cakes will be available for $20 per person with a 40-person minimum. The macarons will be sold in four packages: six for $24, 45 for $166, 80 for $275, and 125 for $425.

These are only available for 2018, so act fast.

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