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Usain Bolt Is Expanding His Jamaican Fast-Food Empire at Lightning Speed

15 Tracks & Records locations are coming to the U.K.

Usain Bolt may have hung up his track shoes, but the eight-time Olympic gold medalist is still making fast moves — to rapidly expand the reach of his fast-food restaurant empire.

Bolt’s chain, called Tracks & Records, took off in Kingston, Jamaica, in 2011. Now, 15 more locations are expected to pop up throughout Great Britain over the next five years. Bolt’s brand will partner with franchise operator SME group, which already operates some KFC and Pizza Hut outlets in the U.K.

Tracks & Records offers traditional Jamaican cuisine, such as jerk pork, janga soup, and pan chicken, in addition to the athlete’s own innovations, like “Burgers a la Usain.”

“I’m happy to be able to share a taste of the Jamaica that I know and love with the rest of the world through the opening of these restaurants across the U.K.,” Bolt said in a statement. “London has always been a special place for me.” (The sprinter won three gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics.)

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