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Twitter Reacts to Blogger’s Request for a Free Meal

A Michelin-starred restaurant laughed off the writer’s offer of ‘significant online exposure’
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A blogger is being roasted on Twitter after asking a restaurant for a free meal.

On Sept. 19, Michelin-starred Campagne Restaurant in Kilkenny, Ireland posted the request to their account. “In exchange for a vegan meal for two (we would ideally like to try several items on the menu), we would be happy to provide significant online exposure on both our blogs and social media accounts,” the message states. The writer also promised to live tweet and post to Instagram and Facebook, in addition to possibly writing up a full restaurant review. 

“The start of another week in paradise,” the restaurant’s account wrote, adding an emoji with its eyes rolled.

“But the online exposure!!! It’s ‘significant,’” @BeoirFinder said. To which the establishment responded, “Didn’t get as far as that bit (smiley face).”

“I’m guessing you stopped at ‘vegan,’” @BeoirFinder said.

“I stopped at several dishes,” the restaurant replied.

Others found humor in the online exposure Campagne received without the blogger’s aid. “Hah, that’s hilarious! Their job was done for free as I’m now aware of you and will be looking to try out the food,” @TaleOfAle tweeted. “I’ll be paying of course.”

One user scoffed at the new-age idea of “influencers” needing to post anything and everything online. He wrote, “In exchange for cash my wife and I would like to eat a meal, and tell absolutely nobody on social media. #OldSchool #Notions”

Another notable response came from @DMusett, who said, “Following on from this, my wife and I had a delightful experience there at the weekend. Please refund [our] bill in exchange for this tweet.”

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