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Twitter Names Lil Jon CEO of Papa John’s Pizza

lil jon
Dwong19 / Dreamstime

Papa John is out, Papa Lil Jon is in. The rapper has informally agreed to step in for former CEO John Schnatter, who stepped down from his position at the pizza chain just weeks after blaming poor sales on NFL protests. Although he already has a replacement — current president Steve Ritchie — Twitter thinks the latter is a better choice.

“Now that Papa John isn’t the CEO of Papa John’s, I think the only valid choice for the next CEO is Lil Jon,” Devin Smith tweeted, to which the Turn Down for What artist replied, “I WILL HUMBLY ACCEPT THE POSITION AS YOUR NEW CEO. I CAN START IMMEDIATELY (smiley face).”

Caroline Smith, a senior recruiter at Papa John’s International, responded to the tweet saying, “Still waiting on your resume! Is it a deal breaker if we won’t rename the company Papa Lil John’s?”

Others offered their stamps of approval, like Hayden H., who said, “Lil Jon is the only man I trust to lead Papa John’s out of these dark times,” and @notuhleeuh, who wrote, “Make Papa John’s great again.”

The official Twitter account for Papa John’s Pizza even commented on the ordeal by using one of the rapper’s signature exclamations: “OKAAAY!”

While Lil Jon may not actually become the next pizza boss at Papa John’s, we’re hoping to get some crunk commercials out of this. For more on the rich and famous, here are the 10 biggest celebrity food stories of 2017.

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