Valley Fine Foods Recalls 35,516 Pounds of TV Dinners That May Be 'Unfit for Human Food'

If these are in your fridge, throw them out now

Four different dinners were recalled.

Approximately 35,516 pounds of meat and poultry TV dinners are being recalled due to spoilage concerns discovered during routine testing. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, Valley Fine Foods is recalling 12-ounce “Simple Dishes” trays that may host spoilage microbes that render them “unwholesome and unfit for human food.”

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The “heat-treated, not fully cooked” refrigerated meals in question include chicken penne Alfredo, chicken primavera, Italian sausage ziti and rigatoni with meatballs and a mushroom cream sauce branded with the establishment numbers “P-22102B” or “M-22102B.”

They were produced on various dates ranging from August 15, 2018, through October 4, 2018. They all have “best if used by” dates of October 9, 2018, through November 25, 2018, and were shipped to various retail locations in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Valley Fine Foods for comment.


At the time of this writing, there are no reported illnesses in connection to the consumption of the products named in this recall. Anyone with these items in his or her possession should throw them away immediately and consult a doctor should health concerns arise. If you don’t have these in your fridge, you should be in good shape, but be cautious — toxic pathogens exist in the least likely of places. Keep your world in good hygiene with these tips for avoiding food poisoning.