Tuck Away at New York City’s Best Hiding Spot, the Tuck Room

There's a cozy hidden back room to this classy restaurant

Swing by for a cocktail before a film at the iPic.

Tuck away at New York City’s best-kept secret (until now) with craft cocktails and delicious bites. Located in the heart of the Financial District, the Tuck Room offers the ultimate dining adventure with its aesthetically pleasing and rustic yet modern interior and charm alongside a decadent menu of modern American cuisine.

Enter the upstairs area for the on-trend movie theater where you can dine and sip (if you happen to have room) or slip into the nearby secret room, an absolute must-see with its romantic, dark aura. As an additional treat, be sure to taste the nitrogen ice cream!

The Daily Meal chatted with renowned mixologist Adam Seger about the Tuck Room and the speakeasy room located inside the restaurant.

The Daily Meal: What is your most favorite part about the Tuck Room in regard to food, ambiance, and the overall experience?
Adam Seger: That it is fun. We take our food, art, cocktails, Champagne list, music, and training very seriously, but we do not take ourselves seriously — this allows a culture of unbridled fun and indulgence.

What would you like for guests to get out of their experience at the Tuck Room?
Memories... and the thought “I cannot wait to come back and bring my friend.”

How would you describe the Tuck Room in five simple words?
Come get your groove on.

Considering that the Tuck Room is on the top level of iPic Theaters, do you expect guests to eat at the Tuck Room before or after their movie or do they typically order from the concession?
Our guests pamper themselves with Premium Plus movie tickets where they enjoy a pillow, blanket, call button, “Ninja Server,” and fully reclining chair, so they generally share Tuck Room dishes upstairs and then “dine in the dark” as well in theater.

What is that relationship like?
One roof, one team.

Will there be any more locations opening up in the near future?
We opened in Dobb's Ferry, Westchester County, on May 15.

What promotions are coming up?
Drunken doughnuts on Thursdays! We've just added miniature cold brew Irish coffees to the repertoire.


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