The 'Tip The Bill' Challenge Is The Greatest Thing To Hit Social Media

After a tipping method went viral for how absolutely rude it is, it's nice to see a social media trend flipping things around. The trend is called the "hashtag 'Tip the Bill' challenge," and it's the first bright spot we've seen with how customers treat restaurant waitstaff. The whole point of the challenge is to pay a 100 percent gratuity on restaurant bills.

While we recognize that this certainly comes from a place of monetary privilege — not everyone can afford to double the cost of their bill — it's a nice change from previous news of diners frequently leaving little to absolutely no tip, not for lack of adequate service, but for what seems like a lack of human decency.

Kindhearted diners from taco spots to Olive Garden to even swankier establishments are pouring out their wallets, tipping 100 percent on their meals, using hashtags like "love your server," "pay it forward," and of course "#tipthebillchallenge" on their receipts and posting the evidence to social media.

The trend has received some backlash on Twitter for people posting photo evidence of their good deeds — and even accusations that some people are actually just scamming the social media challenge. But we would like to think the overall response from waitstaff outweighs how publicly or privately "selfless" everyone is being.

As we've said previously, tipping is not a fun game to get your waiter to work harder; it's an expected part of dining in the United States. Unfortunately, tipping is still frequently linked to server abuse and harassment. Tipping poorly and leaving without tipping are both among the worst etiquette mistakes you can make when dining out.