These Plates, Bowls, and Utensils are Works of Sheer Genius

Can we have these for our kitchen, please?

Lee Ben David’s Very Specific Cutlery

Industrial designer Lee Ben David’s silverware creations double as brilliant works of art. Ever wonder what a device intended to shell edamame beans would look like? Or one that opens a pita pocket, or twirls pasta? Look no further. While these unfortunately aren’t for sale, they prove that in the kitchen, there’s a right tool for every job. 

Nested Mixing Bowls with Egg Separator

These mixing bowls are designed for use in baking, and they’ve nailed it in several ways. First of all, there’s a pour spout so batter goes right into the pan. It gets better, though: a steel section on the side of each bowl is a great place to crack eggs, and there’s even a built-in egg separator that clips onto the side. A set of four can be bought here

Double Dish Snack Bowl

Ever find yourself eating peanuts, pistachios, olives, edamame, or any other food with an inedible pit or shell, only to find that you have nowhere to put what’s left behind? Enter the $20 Double Dish, which comes with its very own detachable discard bowl. 

Digital Measuring Spoons

Yes, Sharper Image is still around, and they’re still selling some pretty nifty contraptions. This $40 measuring spoon with interchangeable cups is especially cool: The LED display in the handle tells you exactly how many ounces, grams, milliliters, teaspoons, tablespoons, or cups you’ve measured out in one of the included liquid or dry scoops, and it even converts between the measurements. 


These bowls have two sections: an upper area for cereal, and a lower one for the milk. Scoop a spoonful of the cereal into the milk, and enjoy a bowl of cereal that will never get soggy. The possibilities are just about endless: it can also be used for chips and salsa, milk and cookies, or whatever you like! It even comes with a non-stick grip and matching spoon. 


The world’s first “smart fork,” the HAPIfork vibrates and lights up when you’re eating too fast. Because it takes about 15 minutes for you to feel full, the concept is that if you slow down, you’ll eat less. It’ll even sync with your mobile device via Bluetooth to track things like how long it took you to eat your meal, how many bites you took, and amount of time between bites. Don’t get too used to these reminders — you’re on your own for sandwiches!

Avocado Knife

Alton Brown might not be a fan of “unitaskers,” but for avocado lovers, this avocado knife is indispensable. Designed by surgical tool company Van Vacter, this knife opens, pits, and dices avocadoes, and even allows you to easily remove the peel. 


Now in its prototype stages, this plate, invented and deemed the “Nutrismart” by industrial designer Hannes Harms, keeps track of how much you eat via RFID technology that communicates with mobile devices. The plate reads the edible tag that’s embedded on food, then communicates ingredients, portion size, and dieting information to your device. It also lights up when it detects allergens or other undesired ingredients, and can even create automated shopping lists. 

Smart Knife

Unfortunately, this is still in the concept development phase, but it’s incredibly cool. Called the “Smart Knife,” it can gauge the freshness and nutrition of food as it’s cutting it, and all the data will show up on a screen on the knife itself. It can also emit negative ions, which can help to keep food fresh. 

Sandwich Knife

Are you stuck in the past, using butter knives to make your sandwiches? Then check out this high-tech serrated sandwich knife from Shun, which is the only sandwich-making tool you’ll ever need. Its low-frequency serration is perfect for slicing, the wide blade and rounded tip is perfect for spreading condiments, and it’ll effortlessly cut your sandwich in half. We know what we’re getting Dagwood Bumstead for Christmas!

Smart Plate

Slightly less technologically complex than the Nutrismart, the My Diet Plate, currently in design phase, acts as a personalized nutritionist. You enter in your dietary information and nutrition plan into the app, and it connects with your dinner plate via Wifi to tell you exactly what to put on it. Pretty cool!