Glenmorangie Originals

Finlay & Co. 

These Incredibly Cool Sunglasses are Made Out of Glenmorangie Casks

Finlay & Co.’s limited-edition sunglasses are handcrafted in England

London-based Finlay & Co. are renowned for making some of the most stylish and high-end sunglasses on the market, and are perhaps best-known for the frame styles they sell that are handmade from wood. Glenmorangie is one of the world’s most renowned single malt Scotch whisky producers, and they occasionally find themselves with some excess wooden casks. So Finlay’s most recent release is a perfect partnership: Glenmorangie Originals, sunglasses with frames crafted out of Glenmorangie casks.

Retailing for $450, these glasses start their lives as American white oak trees before being turned into barrels, which are then used to age Glenmorangie’s renowned Scotch whisky. After their lifespan as barrels is up, the folks at Finlay convert them into these sunglasses using a 16-step process, and each pair is individually numbered. The dark gray lenses provide full UVA/UVB protection, and it comes in a chic carrying case. Finlay also offers personalized engraving, and you can use prescription lenses (which can be clear if you want to make these your everyday glasses).

There’s nothing else like these on the market, and it’s unlikely that there ever will be (Glenmorangie previously collaborated with Thomas Pink on a line of shirts).  There’s only one word that comes to mind when I see these glasses, and it’s “cool.”

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