These Drawings and Sculptures of Guy Fieri will Either Amuse or Terrify You

Why do so many people feel inclined to turn Guy Fieri into art?

This cake is pure nightmare fuel. 

Guy Fieri: Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, TV personality, and … artistic muse?

These Drawings and Sculptures of Guy Fieri will Either Amuse or Terrify You (Slideshow)

Believe it or not, for some reason plenty of people out there have decided to create artistic representations of superstar food dude Guy Fieri, and some of them are, as Fieri might put it, out of bounds.

From Fieri-shaped cakes to tattoos to Photoshop jobs to simple pencil sketches, devotees have certainly come up with some creative methods to show their appreciation for the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Guy’s Big Bite. Whether they’re trying to get his attention or simply showing their respect and appreciation for his work isn’t always clear — the motivation of a true artist is often hidden — but either way, we’re glad they did.

Some are pretty solid representations, some are laughably bad, and some are actually kind of frightening, but they all put a fun spin on a very familiar face.

Maybe it’s because Fieri’s signature ‘do is so recognizable, and that combined with his sunglasses and goatee makes it fairly easy to caricature him. Possibly there’s so much Fieri saturation on the Food Network that he’s seeped into the collective unconscious, so when artists free their mind and draw whatever pops into their head it’s occasionally Fieri’s grinning visage. Whatever the reason, plenty of people have been compelled to express their artistic ability (or lack thereof) with Fieri as their muse, and for that we thank them. Read on for nine very… interesting DIY depictions of Fieri.

The Guy Fieri Cake

This cake should go down in infamy if it hasn’t already, because, well, it needs to go down in infamy. Created by a restaurant that Fieri visited for DDD, Blackwater Grill in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, for an edible art contest, those eyes (and that neck!) will be haunting our dreams.

Fieri Balloons


Complete with flip flops, crossed arms, and sunglasses, a fan made a full-body balloon art representation of Fieri for a book signing at Atlanta’s Book Revue, and Fieri liked it enough that he tweeted a photo of himself with it