This Thanksgiving Pizza Is Turkey Day Goals

Texans can get their hands on a slice through November 23
thanksgiving pizza
Photo modified: istockphoto

Gobble gobble.

If you’re looking to veer off the beaten path of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, or you just need something to do with all those next-day leftovers, why not throw it all on a pizza? One local pizzeria chain in Texas is serving up a Turkey Day pie and, unsurprisingly, the owner says the pizza has become a local favorite.

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Melissa Maese Goldberg, who runs The Pizza Joint in El Paso, Texas, appeared in a segment on “Good Morning America” to briefly talk about the coveted Thanksgiving pizza called The Feast, which the shop has been making for eight years. It doesn't have tomato sauce or cheese, but it does have all the holiday fixings, including deep-fried turkey, cranberry sauce, fried onion rings, stuffing and French-style green beans

According to Ivonne, an assistant manager of The Pizza Joint, some customers are skeptical of trying the creative dish. While speaking to local TV station Telemundo48, she said, “There are people who say, ‘No, it does not look very good’ — and then they try it and they like it.”

We’re onboard with El Paso resident Alexander Ray Guzman, who took to The Pizza Joint’s Facebook page to write: “Better get my sweatpants ready.”


The seasonal special is available by the slice or whole pizza now until November 23. If you’re inspired to get the most out of leftovers by turning them into your own version of this festive ‘za, play it safe with these guidelines on how long each Thanksgiving dish actually lasts before it spoils.