Thank grocery store employee
THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images

How to Thank Grocery Store Employees Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Show your appreciation during this difficult time
Thank grocery store employee
THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images

While many Americans are staying home during the coronavirus pandemic to help stop the spread of the disease, millions of essential workers are putting their health at risk to continue to serve their communities. This includes the employees at your favorite local grocery store.

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As an act of kindness during this difficult time, many people are generously tipping restaurant and food delivery workers. But what can you do to show your gratitude to the frontline workers at your grocery store who are tirelessly working to keep shelves stocked and customers happy?

The simplest and best way is to practice proper safety measures to help grocery store staff feel more safe and comfortable at work. This includes social distancing, wearing masks that are properly secured, and staying behind any plastic shields or barricades put up along checkout lanes. Respect any store-specific policies, including not bringing your own reusable bags or waiting outside if the store is limiting capacity.

Only do your grocery shopping when absolutely necessary and bring a list. This will help you efficiently get in and get out of the store. Be patient and understanding with any employees you encounter if lines are long, inventory is low or certain items are out of stock.


For those who truly want to go above and beyond, you can take inspiration from this coronavirus act of kindness. Buying gift cards for employees could be one way to say thank you. If there's a tip jar at the end of the checkout lane, you can also throw a few dollars in there or consider one of these acts of kindness you can perform from home