New Jersey’s Obsession With Pork Roll Reaches New Heights With Taylor Ham Ice Cream

The prized meat is often used in the Garden State’s breakfast sandwiches
taylor ham ice cream;Right:Courtesy of Windy Brow Farms

The ice cream is part of the farm's "Only in Jersey" collection.

New Jersey’s obsession with pork roll just got weird. Windy Brow Farms in Fredon Township created a frankenfectionary made of beloved Taylor ham processed meat and ice cream. Daring customers can try the crazy confection from now through July at the farm’s ice cream stand at 359 Ridge Rd. Scoops range anywhere from $3 to $6.50, and to-go pints will set you back $8.

Managing partner and self-described ice cream maker, baker, and farmer Jake Hunt is the brains behind this new taste sensation. The 28-year-old built off the stand’s maple bacon ice cream, a popular flavor sold during the fall. Pork roll is a New Jersey staple, so it just made sense.

Certainly, ham-only ice cream would be vile. That’s why Hunt starts with an ice cream base made with local maple syrup. Bits of challah French toast and cinnamon-sugar caramelized Taylor ham pork roll are added in after.

So far, the frozen dessert has garnered mixed feedback. Hunt told The Daily Meal that those who’ve only viewed the ice cream from afar say it’s “disgusting, because they haven’t tried it” —  but those who’ve actually visited the shop “loved it, or at least thought it wasn’t bad.” Hunt added that if anyone ends up actually disliking the taste, there are 15 other types available.

Hunt knows the flavor can be intimidating, but he advises hesitant customers: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Taylor Ham ice cream is only the first of five planned frozen desserts in Windy Brow’s “Only in Jersey” collection. So far, only two other flavors in the lineup have been confirmed. Next up is a tomato pie ice cream with ricotta, roasted tomatoes, balsamic, and candied basil, to be followed by a sweet corn custard made with cornbread and honey. If you prefer to keep your sweet treats in their truest forms, opt for something from the world’s 35 best ice cream parlors instead.