Subway's 'Limited Edition' Turkey Tastes Like….Turkey

The chain’s carved turkey is better than it needs to be

Over the past couple years, Subway has been attempting to up its game by improving the quality of some of its offerings, namely its chicken and turkey. Last year, it rolled out antibiotic-free chicken, and also improved on its standard deli turkey by adding carved turkey to its menu for a limited time. The carved turkey is back — we had the opportunity to taste-test it and were all pleasantly surprised.

The turkey, which is featured as part of the new Autumn Carved Turkey sandwich (which also includes Cheddar cheese and cranberry mustard sauce), isn’t anything like the chain’s deli turkey; it’s actual turkey. According to the company’s ingredient list (PDF), the Carved Turkey contains just turkey breast and turkey broth, with a small amount of dextrose, salt, and sodium phosphate, with vegetable oil to help it brown. It’s thick-sliced and actually tastes and feels like turkey; the only complaint was that the skin was a little chewy, but just the fact that it actually had skin on it was a pleasant surprise.


The Autumn Carved Turkey is only available for a limited time, so if you want to try it for yourself, you should probably visit Subway soon. For a ranking of America’s healthiest chain restaurants, click here.