Paul Reiser Can't Stay Away From Chocolate on Set

The veteran actor also shares his favorite Los Angeles restaurant

A best-selling author, headlining stand-up comic, and star and co-creator of one of the most successful sitcoms of all-time, Paul Reiser doesn’t really have to work very hard. But in 2017 alone, Reiser was part of three shows, Netflix’s Stranger Things 2, Hulu’s There’s… Johnny! (which he co-created), and Amazon’s Red Oaks. Apparently, Reiser has plenty more in the works through his production company Nuance Productions.

While interviewing Reiser by phone, I threw in a few food-related questions. While Reiser grew up in Manhattan, he has been living in Los Angeles – and spending time on-set – for more of his life than not.

The Daily Meal: Do you have a favorite restaurant in L.A.?
Paul Reiser:
Yeah, there is a great restaurant in L.A. called Bestia, which is a very hip and happening, very cool Italian restaurant downtown. It is a long drive and yeah, that is the off the top of my head that I can think of.

Being that Diner was your first major role, did that lead you to everyone talking about diners to you for a decade?
I have friends, immediately after, who would send me any kind of thing like a little plastic diner, or anything that had the word “diner,” or a little neon sign that said “diner.” At some point, I had too many diner things and my friend said, “Well just be glad your first movie wasn’t called Dogs**t because that would have been a very different collection.” So there is that.

When you are on-set, do you have specific foods that you request? Or you just let craft services do what they do?
No, that is always a challenge. It is like, “Stay away from the bad stuff.” But you know I think sets have gotten more savvy and health-conscious so they always have vegetables and always have healthy stuff. Then you get there and you go, “Oh good, they have carrots and cucumbers.” Then you go. “You know what? Screw it, I am going to eat some more corn chips and chocolate.” So the dilemma is always there, there is no end to how many things you can eat wrong on a movie set.

Guess we know where to look the next time we're off spotting celebrities in Los Angeles.