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Rhode Island Orders the Most Takeout During Coronavirus

Americans are 65% more likely to order takeout since COVID-19, according to new data
Ethan Miller/Staff/Via Getty Images News

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, takeout food has become increasingly popular, with many chains and services even offering free delivery. Although some states have started to ease dining out restrictions, people across the country continue to opt for takeout. A new study shows that one state has ordered the most takeout during the pandemic: Rhode Island.

Restaurants Opening, Takeout Food Among Biggest Coronavirus Pain Points for Diners

While cooking is a great skill to learn during quarantine, takeout and delivery are dependable ways to support restaurants that have suffered during the coronavirus. And Rhode Islanders seem to agree, residents from the state ordered the most takeout during the pandemic. According to the study, there were 10,577 searches per every 100,000 Rhode Island residents. 

The data comes from Bid-On-Equipment, an online markplace place where users can buy and sell equipment. To obtain their numbers, Bid-On-Equipment analyzed Google search trends for key words related to takeout food to learn where the pique interest across the country was. 

According to the data, the majority of takeout interest came from the Northeast. New Hampshire followed Rhode Island with 10,315 searches per every 100,000 residents. On the opposite side of the ordering spectrum, you have a handful of Southern states. The data shows that Mississippi was least likely to order takeout with only 2,617 searches per every 100,000 residents. 


Generally speaking, 65% of Americans have been ordering more takeout since the coronavirus. But for those people cooking at home, there have also been trends, like cooking and eating outdoors. According to data from Google, these are the most popular grilling questions in every state