This Is The World's Spiciest Hot Sauce

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A stroll down the condiment aisle of your favorite grocery store will grace you with all the familiar hot sauces: Cholula, Frank's, Tabasco, Crystal and so on. Unless you're particularly sensitive to heat, most would agree that these are fairly mild. A jalapeño is 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville units, for example, and the aforementioned sauces range from 450 to 5,000. The hottest hot sauce in the world? Nine million.

The World's Spiciest Foods

Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium, produced by Ashley Foods, is 1,125 times spicier than the hottest jalapeño pepper. It's made from 60% pure capsicum extract, and that's it. The heat level is so extreme that the packaging comes with big bold lettering on the side warning customers to use as a food additive only. It should not be consumed straight under any circumstances, and don't go sloshing this stuff on your tacos. If you do, you'll regret it.

This product is one of the purest, hottest, most concentrated pepper extracts on Earth. It's named after plutonium after all — a radioactive and highly explosive element crucial to atomic bombs. According to reviews on Amazon, the violent burn can last 45 minutes on the dose of a single drop.

"This tastes like pure hatred," one Amazon reviewer said. "The first 15 minutes are almost panic inducing, but then the endorphins kick in and it's a progressively pleasant burn. This is exactly as advertised and worth every penny."

"I have survived, my mouth has returned from the test of hell and one day I hope my sense of taste will return with it," another wrote. "I refused to follow the light, I am alive. Now I fear the worst, as there will come a time that I will need to use the restroom. For this I fear the most, I must choose a God as I may soon may be forced to speak with them. I must prepare."

If you're brave enough to try it, head to Ashley Foods' website or Amazon, where it's currently on sale for $109.99 (normally $129.99). It's just 1 fluid ounce, which sounds tiny, but it'll last because you don't need more than a drop at a time. Seriously. Don't use more than that or you could hurt yourself. Looking for something insanely spicy, but not quite that spicy? Take your pick from the world's hottest hot sauces.