This Singaporean Ice Cream “Sandwich” is the Most Amazing Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Rainbow Bread? Rainbow Bread.

Admit it, you want this. 

It’s been pretty well established by now that ice cream is a tricky food to eat. And in the United States, our options are pretty limited: cup or cone. But travel around the world and you’ll discover that other cultures have mastered the art of ice-cream-eating, and we have to admit that we’re a little envious.

Case in point: this beauty from Singapore. Walk around the city-state on a warm day and you’ll find vendors out on the street selling ice cream sandwiches. No, not the sloppy treat we’re used to here, but a brick of ice cream wrapped up in a slice of bread. The ice cream is usually available in flavors including chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip, mint, sweet corn, and durian (yes, durian), and while some vendors will fold it up in a slice of regular white bread, others will be lightly sweetened and dyed with food coloring and green pandan extract, giving it a rainbow swirl.   

We’re officially jealous.