Sandwich of the Week: Flour Bakery + Café’s Chicken and Avocado Sandwich

This sandwich may sound simple, but it’s absolutely delicious

Jicama lends the sandwich a pleasing crunch. 

Flour Bakery + Café is one of Boston’s most popular bakeries and sandwich shops. When we reached out to chef and owner Joanne Chang to ask what her favorite sandwich on the menu is, she replied that it was undoubtedly her chicken and avocado sandwich. It turns out that it has quite a fun backstory.

“When I was the pastry chef at Mistral restaurant in Boston, before I opened Flour, the lead prep cook at Mistral, Luis, made a sandwich for family meal that I loved,” she told us. “He took leftover roast chicken from the night before, sliced it thin, and layered it in between slices of bread from the bread basket. The bread was spread with mashed avocado and chipotle and onion. He chopped up some jicama, squeezed lime over the whole thing, added greens, and pressed the sandwiches together. It was the best family meal, and when I ate it I said, if I ever open my own bakery, this sandwich will be on the menu. And I put it on on day one and it's never left.”

Chang’s spin on Luis’ creation starts with house-made focaccia bread, either white or wheat. Avocado that’s been mashed with lime, red onion, chipotle, cilantro, and salt and pepper is spread on both sides of the bread. Then come mesclun greens, thinly sliced chicken that’s been marinated overnight in achiote paste and slow-roasted, and jicama that’s been julienned and tossed with lime juice, lime zest, and honey.

This sandwich “balances creamy and spicy and tart and savory and crunchy and soft,” Chang told us. “Our bread is baked fresh each morning, and it's hard not to eat this sandwich every day.”


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