San Francisco’s Very Own Sprig Launches New Spring Menu

A Q&A with the company's founder about the healthiest delivery

Eat healthy without cooking using this latest delivery service.

Sprig, San Francisco’s modern delivery service designed to bring delicious, nutritious, and complete menus from their kitchen to your door, has just launched a newly expanded menu. From revamped versions of Sprig’s favorites like chicken bibimbap to roasted whole chicken to beet and fennel bowls, the taste and quality of Sprig’s dishes are better than ever before. Its latest menu offers 30 protein-centric dishes, hearty salads, and sweet treats that can be mixed and matched in countless ways. The Daily Meal had the opportunity to chat with CEO Gagan Biyani about the meaning behind Sprig, his love for food, and what’s next for him and Sprig.

The Daily Meal: What does Sprig mean to you and how did you come up with the name for your concept?

Gagan Biyani: Sprig’s goal is to reinvent delivery. We want to provide clean, fresh, and affordable delivery meals for the modern consumer — with a focus on dual income households who are busy with work and family yet still want a great meal. We spent months debating between various names. Our old office (which was a small conference room that a friend let us borrow) had a whiteboard with over 100 food names on it. Ultimately, our goal was to express a few core values: fresh ingredients, quick delivery, and wholesome meals, and Sprig encompassed that for us.


Where did your love for food and healthy eating root from?

My mother is a truly excellent chef and so we grew up eating delicious Indian food. She instilled a love of food and cooking in me from an early age. Over time, as we grew older, she started to read more and more about nutrition and health. Slowly, we moved from a family that still drank Coke and ate Top Ramen to a family that doesn't have anything but whole, non-processed ingredients in our home. We rarely ate packaged food and almost never ate foods with added sugar or salt. Since I left home and started living on my own, I've always struggled to maintain that kind of diet. It's hard when you are constantly on the go and working long hours. That's ultimately why we started Sprig — so busy people could still eat well every day.


What inspired the expanded and elevated menu that just launched?

We really wanted to deliver a higher quality product that's delicious yet healthful, with dishes that are cooked perfectly and arrive at your table or desk at the perfect temperature every single time. We're making food in small batches now and delivering them directly from our hub. With our new menu that includes shareable dishes, Sprig diners have the ability to order meals for a variety of everyday and special occasions, whether it’s an office lunch, a group dinner party, a date night for two, a family meal, a solo evening at home, or even breakfast for the next morning. It's food you can eat every day, no matter where you are or what you are doing.


What are your top three favorite new entrees from the new menu that you would highly recommend?

Our whole roasted chicken is just beautifully done — I don't think you can get something like that delivered from anywhere else. I also love the grilled steak with marbled potatoes and broccoli — you can still see the pink when it arrives at your door! Finally, I love our new home-style meatloaf and vegetables, which tastes delicious and is much lighter than a meatloaf you might get in a restaurant.


What do you want your diners to ultimately gain from their Sprig experience?

Home cooking delivered! I'm so proud of what our team has done — they have truly figured out how to make meals similar to what you'd make at home and made them available to people who are too busy to cook. I am proud to say that our diners have more time for their family, friends, and (dare I say) hobbies.


How do you believe Sprig stands out from the rest of the up-and-coming food vendors and delivery services out there?

We’re serving meals while everyone else just delivers. We truly care about what our customers put into their bodies, and our transparent sourcing standards are a testament to that. Plus, we're delivering ready-to-eat dishes in about a half hour with little to no prep required. Our driving force behind creating Sprig was to combine convenience and quality, and I believe the way we execute on that is what sets us apart.


What other food brands and companies would you like to join the Sprig family, and partner up with that you have not yet?

We’re big fans of Delfina and Souvla here at Sprig. I hope one day we figure out a way to work with them to help them scale their delivery offering.


What other influences play a role in Sprig’s menu options overall?

Delicious, high-quality ingredients play a huge role in the items on our new menu as well as incorporating clean foods including antibiotic-free, free-range chicken, beef, and pork; organic, hormone-free dairy; sustainable seafood; no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives; and using recyclable or compostable packaging.


How would you describe Sprig in one word?



What’s next for you and Sprig?

Gagan: We plan to continue to grow our partnerships with Bay Area brands and purveyors. We're currently partnered with some of the best local establishments, including menu items from Jane the Bakery, DOSA, Three Babes Bakeshop, Clover Farms, Blue Bottle Coffee, Petit Pot, Project Juice, and Happy Moose Juice, among others. We want to continue to build on these great relationships, add to them, and refine and enhance the menu to meet the unique needs of our discerning Bay Area customers.



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