Run a Full-Service Mobile Café with the Wheelys 3

These cafés are enclosed around a bike, allowing the owner to choose where to set up shop

There are two models: The original starts at $2,999, and the science station starts at $6,999.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own coffee shop or becoming a street vendor, a Swedish-based startup called Wheelys is providing you with the chance to do both.

Starting at $2,999, the Wheelys 3 package allows you to open a mobile café in less than a minute, compared to the months of planning needed to open a traditional café, according to their page on Indiegogo.

“It’s a full-service café that we have minimized to a bicycle, it’s totally enclosed,” said co-founder Tomas Mazetti in an interview with Techcrunch. “We serve everything a regular café does, including soft drinks, coffee, juices, fruits, candy bars, and muffins.”

There are two models of the Wheelys 3 available for purchase: the original (starting at $2,999), and the science station (starting at $6,999). Both contain burners, electric engines to help with peddling, 27-liter Thermoses for brewed coffee, pour-over coffee brewers, and integration with the Wheelys app, which café owners can use to run sales and monitor the temperature of the coffee. The science station includes cold storage, a dedicated Thermos for warm water, and a live coffee plant. Each café gets all of its required energy from the bicycle. 

At traditional cafés, the baristas only make 10 percent of the profit while the other 90 percent goes to overhead, compared to the 95 percent that baristas can make using a Wheelys café, the company boasts. 

“A cup that costs two cents to brew retails for more than $2,” their ad explains. “Since Wheelys don’t pay neither rent, utilities, or Big Bowl ads, that profit stays with YOU! We've had eight hour days making over $1,000.”

Along with allowing you to be your own boss and keep the majority of the profit, Wheelys also claims to be better for the environment.

“We’re powered only by the sun and your own body,” said Mazetti. “We started it as an experiment to see how environmentally friendly you could make a business. It has a zero carbon footprint.”