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Rookie Mistakes Not to Make at Expensive Restaurants, From Those in the Business

Not used to dining at fancy places? Here are some tips to keep in mind

Dining at any restaurant, expensive restaurants in particular, is supposed to be an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. But as the price tag climbs, so does many people’s anxiety.  Dining at a fancy, white-tablecloth restaurant can be a little bit daunting if you’re not accustomed to it, so here are some tips for not making any “rookie mistakes,” courtesy of Quora respondents who’ve spent years in the restaurant industry:

“[Don’t be] afraid to ask questions about menu items. Questions are expected, even welcomed. I think rookies have this idea that they look stupid by asking questions. Then unfortunate things happen like something raw arriving at your table that you expected to be cooked.”

“The wine taste. Smell it, sip it, do whatever you'd like but just give a happy nod to the server so they can start pouring. Some people will just stare blankly and wonder what the heck is going on. This happens way more often than you'd expect.”

“If you can try and be nice to your dining partners, other guests, the staff and avoid being arrogant / pretentious, you are on a winner. Do some basic checks on anything like dress code and arrival times… We don’t care if you can’t understand the menu, ask us, we won’t laugh. Most waiting staff will be very happy to help out with the wine selection. This is not a competition to know everything about food and drink.”

“Dress nice. Look to enjoy your meal. Eat food as it comes, and be open minded. Let go of restrictions. Just eat, and enjoy your company. If you don’t know something, then ask. Be polite. Really, just don’t be rude, and don’t be pretentious. Don’t correct the staff. Don’t think you know more than the staff. You are a guest in their house.”

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