Review: Eden Restaurant Has a Few Bumps on the Way to Paradise

Chicago Tribune's Phil Vettel reviews a new restaurant

Large windows and white-on-white walls and ceilings give the Eden dining room cheer even when the sun is uncooperative.

West Town's dining expansion continues unabated. Not long ago, opening anything west of Carpenter Street (along Randolph or Lake streets) was considered daring; now, restaurants are opening on Western Avenue and beyond, and finding audiences.

One of the latest successes is Eden, which opened in December on a lonely stretch of Lake Street just east of Damen Avenue. Already it's catching on with Bulls and Blackhawks fans, who can grab a pregame dinner (Eden starts dinner service at 5 p.m. for just this reason), leave their cars in Eden's fenced-in lot and saunter a few blocks to the United Center.

But on my visits, all on nongame days (who wants to deal with that traffic?), Eden's tables were full and its bar (one of the nicest visuals in the space) packed.


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