Reddit Users Just Discovered an Incredibly Obvious Meal Prep Hack

It’s been right under your nose this whole time

Homemade to-go salads are tricky, because unless you eat dry leaves like a stegosaurus, you probably like dressing. But everyone knows that you can’t put dressing on lettuce and expect it not to get soggy before your lunch break. Well, salad lovers, fear no more: Reddit user VoodooMamaJuuju's post has gone viral over a meal prep hack that has been in front of our eyes this entire time. The little circles atop the lids of Glad plastic containers also serve as additional lids for smaller containers. Now, preppers can bring shots of balsamic vinaigrette to work with their salads without the risk of a mushy meal.

VoodooMamaJuuju’s post, on Reddit’s “mildlyinteresting” board, has 1,442 comments and over 49,200 up-votes. Many users are positively overwhelmed by the revelation, while others are not.

“How is it possible that I didn’t know that?” Or my SO who is way smarter than I am?” asked HatesNewUsernames.

“It’s pictured on the package… apologies if you’re actually blind,” CharlesInCars wrote.

glad container

Courtesy of Glad

glad container

Courtesy of Glad

Some users threw away the little “lidless” containers, assuming that without their own top they were virtually useless. Others simply thought the circular indents just made it easier to neatly stack the lids, “but I always just throw them haphazardly into the cabinet, so I never tested my assumption,” SlippidySlappity remarked.

The origins of the hack are murky. While it was posted by VoodooMamaJujuu on Reddit, Facebook user Gracie Villegas reached out to The Daily Meal, stating that the original photo being used was hers.


Aren’t you glad you stumbled upon this life-changing plasticware trick? To test out the containers for yourself, here are the 50 best summer salads for when you don’t feel like cooking.