New Pringles Wavy Are Coming in January

Plus two other brand-new products

These chips are thicc.

Pringles are the wave of the future — literally. This January, Kellogg’s is dropping a brand-new twist on the classic crisp, called Pringles Wavy. It might go without saying, but instead of the smooth hyperbolic paraboloids we all know and love, these chips will have a thick, wavy texture. No worries, you can probably still make duck lips with them.

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Even though we’re well into the cold-weather months, all four flavors were reportedly inspired by grilling, so you can sit inside all day and think about how nice it would be to slip a shrimp onto the barbie. The new Pringles Wavy chips will come in the same tennis ball canister in classic salted, fire-roasted jalapeño, sweet and tangy barbecue and applewood-smoked cheddar flavors.

cheez it crisp'd

Courtesy of Kellogg's

Kellogg’s will start the new year off with two additional products as well. Cheez-It Snap’d is a  thinner, crispier version of the beloved munchie in double cheese, cheddar sour cream and onion, white cheddar and bacon, and jalapeño jack flavors.

rice krispies poppers

Courtesy of Kellogg's

On the sweeter side, consumers can look forward to ooey, chewy bite-sized Rice Krispies Treats Snap Crackle Poppers coated in chocolate, vanilla and cookies ‘n’ crème.

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