prince harry
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Prince Harry Sidesteps the Great Pizza Debate by Eating Both Deep-Dish and Thin-Crust in Chicago

And he doesn’t even normally eat pizza
prince harry
Photokvu / Dreamstime

The U.K.’s Prince Harry is not living his best life. Why? He’s never toasted a marshmallow, and he doesn’t even eat pizza! On a recent trip to Hyde Park Academy in Chicago, he and former first lady Michelle Obama sat down with the high school’s students. Deep-dish pizza is a Chi-town staple so, naturally, it was emphasized that the Brit needed to dine like a true Chicagoan.

In a video posted to Kensington Palace’s official Instagram, one student said, “When Prince Harry’s here, he eats Chicago. Make sure he has a pizza.”

The prince replied, “I had pizza last night. I don’t even eat pizza anymore, but I had pizza last night.”

When asked whether or not he tried deep-dish, he said, “We had deep-dish and we had thin crust. I promise you, I will make sure I eat Chicago.”

But Harry hasn’t always had a pizza-restrictive diet. In 2015, former Royal Family chef Darren McGrady told People magazine that when Harry was a young lad, he and brother William once swapped their nanny’s dinner note for one they’d made themselves — requesting pizza. McGrady said, “They may be royal children, but they still have children’s palates.”

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