The Poutine Tornado and 5 More Insane Epic Meal Time Creations

These guys are mad geniuses
YouTube/ Epic Meal Time

That's not ice cream in that cone. 

Since 2010, the folks behind Epic Meal Time, a Canadian YouTube cooking show, have served the internet a steady diet of insanely high-calorie, occasionally delicious, always outrageous creations. Each episode is only a few minutes long, but in that amount of time they’re always able to create (and eat) something that pushes food (and calorie counts) to the extreme. For example, they recently unveiled a poutine tornado, a gigantic spiral-cut fried potato filled with cheese curds and gravy that should probably make its way onto a menu somewhere, stat. Here are five more of their wildest creations.

The Big Mac Loaf

YouTube/ Epic Meal Time

This is probably the biggest double cheeseburger of all time: 50 pounds of ground beef are baked and stacked, then topped with an ungodly amount of cheese, pickles, a pile of bacon, and Thousand Island dressing. It’s all wrapped inside dough and baked, and the resulting “loaf” contains 105,200 calories and more than 8,000 grams of fat.


YouTube/ Epic Meal Time

This is just what it sounds like: half pizza, half quesadilla. The Epic Meal Time team starts by making a quesadilla, layering guacamole, sour cream, salsa, chicken, and shredded cheese in between two giant tortillas, then building an entire meat lovers’ pizza on top of it. This one actually sounds pretty tasty.

Meat Ice Cream Cone

YouTube/ Epic Meal Time

To begin, the guys make a gigantic cone out of pizza dough, which is then filled with several pounds of ground beef and mashed potatoes in alternating layers. Then the whole mess is topped off with another giant mound of mashed potatoes, gravy, bacon bits, and a gigantic meatball on top in lieu of a cherry.

Thanksgiving Voltron

YouTube/ Epic Meal Time

In honor of Thanksgiving, a suckling pig, two rabbits, chickens, turkeys, crab legs, and lots of shrimp are all tacked together into the ultimate meat beast: the Pork Voltron.


YouTube/ Epic Meal Time

Once again, something that’s just what it sounds like: a pizza made entirely of meat. This one starts with a sheet pan of ground beef, which is surrounded by sausages as a crust. On top goes meat sauce, shredded flank steak, bacon, more meat sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and more cheese.

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