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Eating Out During Coronavirus: This Is Diners' Biggest Concern

Customers are worried about sanitation procedures
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As social distancing restrictions start to ease in certain states, more restaurants are continuing to reopen. But a new survey reveals that diners have some concerns about returning to their favorite spots. According to survey respondents, the most notable obstacle has been finding the safety and sanitation precautions that restaurants are taking.

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The study was carried out by Datassential and surveyed a total of 3,000 United States consumers. The company asked survey respondents what the biggest pain points have been in regards to ordering restaurant food during the coronavirus pandemic and how restaurants can better address those concerns.

According to the survey, the biggest difficulty when it comes to ordering restaurant food was figuring out whether the restaurant was taking proper safety precautions. More than half, 52%, of survey respondents said that they found it difficult to find out which restaurants have taken safety and sanitation precautions.

Some other concerns plaguing restaurant customers in the poll included finances, food safety and the stress around dining out. Forty percent of survey respondents said that they avoid restaurants due to financial concerns. And although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the coronavirus cannot be transmitted through food, 49% of survey respondents expressed safety concerns over restaurant food.


These weren't the only factors diners were concered about. Here are biggest pain points diners felt when ordering restaurant food during the coronavirus pandemic.