Pop-up Pamangan Brings Filipino Fare to the Boston Area


Filipino food is a unique cuisine that focuses on seafood and exotic produce.

One of the most interesting ways to learn about and experience a culture is through its cuisine. Like art, a culture’s food says a lot about some of the things it most values, like family, friends both old and new, and the times spent shared among them.

Boston is lucky to have a rich ethnic food scene, but many voids remain. One such void is seen in the scarcity of Filipino food and thanks to the sibling team behind Kulinarya, (“the art of all things food” in Tagalo). This is about to change.  Under Kulinarya, Ellie and PJ Tiglao present a popup concept called Pamangan, aimed at showcasing traditional Filipino food to Bostonians every month.

Since August 2014, this dynamic duo and their team of dedicated staff have put on six dinners, most of which have been sold out. In their view, Boston is sorely lacking in Filipino food, and it is their goal to change this

These dinners, such as the one hosted earlier this April in Brighton at Fuel America – a hipster coffee shop by day, it attract a host of interesting people looking for adventures in food in the evenings.

Filipino food is a unique cuisine that focuses on seafood and exotic produce like Chinese eggplant and bok choy. Other Southeast Asian tastes like curries, citrused ceviches, and tropical fruits are key elements of flavor and a welcome surprise to the palate so accustomed to New England cuisine.

The drink menu dances to the same interesting tunes with a Bee’s Knees cocktail accented with holy basil syrup and lime, or the Salabat Flip with dark rum, canton, lime, and a whole egg.


The team has a solid concept and unique space to fill in Boston and has their eye on expanding their project to a more permanent, brick-and-mortar establishment.  Judging by the numbers and happy faces on guests at their recent pop-ups, their vision is met with a pool of avid followers. Stay tuned for their next popup, set for May 9. Visit them on Facebook to get in on this next installment and do this quickly, before they sell out.