This Pizza Box Transforms Into A Table So You Can Eat In Bed

Few things are better than eating in bed, but at what cost? Sleeping in sheets compromised by crumbs is torturous. As part of a Father's Day promotion, Canada-based restaurant Boston Pizza has created the world's first pizza box that transforms into a self-supporting table for the ultimate Netflix binge on a night in. This ridiculous yet brilliant creation is made entirely out of cardboard and has legs that unfold and lock into place — so it won't burn your lap.

"As Canada's pizza leader, we're always looking for new ways to make pizza-eating more fun and convenient for our guests," Boston Pizza senior director of marketing Adrian Fuoco said in a release. "And with more TVs in bedrooms than ever, and more seasons to binge-watch, now's the perfect time for this kind of pizza innovation."

Fans can score the limited-edition box by entering a random drawing on Boston Pizza's Facebook or Twitter. All you have to do is tag "a deserving father-figure" followed by the hashtag "BPinBed," between June 6 and June 11. Five grand prize winners will be awarded the custom box in addition to a $100 food credit. Although the chain has outposts in the U.S. and Mexico, all contest participants must be Canadian residents. Envious pizza plebeians elsewhere can nosh pies from America's 35 favorite pizza chains in bed at their own risk.