Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting Introduces Llama And Mermaid Sprinkles

If you weigh the new skills you can learn at home during coronavirus quarantine, baking takes the cake. At this point, maybe you've exhausted making your own bread and are ready to hire a tiny sous chef to tackle these easy recipes to make with kids. If you're tired of the same ol' cookies and cakes, you might be sweet on Pillsbury's new Funfetti frostings featuring whimsical creatures.

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Regular Funfetti frosting is 100% one of those guilty pleasure foods we won't apologize for loving — especially eating it directly out of the container with a spoon — but these new ones are catered for kids (but adults can totally enjoy them too). The first is an artificially flavored Funfetti Mermaid Pink Strawberry Frosting with white shell-shaped sprinkles, purple mermaid tail-shaped sprinkles and blue and silver sprinkles.

The second is less "mystical," and more "petting zoo." Funfetti Llama Love Purple Vanilla Frosting is the color of Barney, but like it says in the name, it's simply vanilla-flavored. It comes with white llama-shaped sprinkles and yellow, purple and blue sequin-shaped sprinkles.

Each canister is available now and costs a suggested retail price of $1.50 to $2.50 each. Parents, you might want to keep this one in your back pocket for that batch of cupcakes you have on the queue for making the most out of a kid's birthday party in quarantine.