This Photo of Guy Fieri With Regular Hair is Amazing

If you ever wanted to see what “normal Guy” would look like, now’s your chance


Guy Fieri’s entire image has been built around his signature look: spiky blond hair, goatee, sunglasses, earrings, funky shirts. Occasionally, someone will come along and use Photoshop to create an image of him as “normal-looking,” oftentimes with mixed results. But a Reddit user recently used the program to create a photo of the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host wearing a gingham button-down with no facial hair and a traditional ‘do, which was first published on Deal Tomato.

See? Deep down, Guy is just a white dude in his 40s.


If you check out the Imgur link above, make sure you read the comments, many of which are spot on: “I'm Bill Johnson and we're rolling out to Olive Garden!” “He looks like Charles Grodin from the Beethoven movies,” “Now he sells insurance to the residents of Flavortown,” “He looks like a dad in the suburbs,” and “You didn’t do anything to the teeth, but they still look Photoshopped.”