This Is The Only McDonald's In The World With A Turquoise Arch

Quick: What color are McDonald's arches? Golden, right? Well, not everywhere. There's one location where the Golden Arches aren't golden at all: They're turquoise!

Here's the deal: In the early 1990s, McDonald's was looking to open a location in Sedona, Arizona, which is renowned for its natural beauty. Because the city was only incorporated in 1988, it was still putting the finishing touches on its building and signage restrictions (which are quite strict, because no buildings are allowed to detract from the scenery) when McDonald's came calling. The proposed McDonald's location was in a shopping center with businesses whose signage was largely turquoise, so to avoid any drawn-out battles, the chain agreed to keep its footprint subdued, matching its colors to the surrounding businesses and doing away with its usual tall roadside sign. It opened in 1993, and has used turquoise symbols sign ever since.

Today, the McDonald's is a tourist attraction in its own right, and is also notable because the word "McDonald's" doesn't appear anywhere on its façade, just the turquoise M. Not only is it the only McDonald's on earth with turquoise arches, it's quite possibly the least conspicuous one as well.