This One Chipotle Trick Will Make Your Burrito 10 Times Better

More "hacks" have been devised for Chipotle than just about any chain. You can order an off-menu quesadilla, turn it into a double-secret "quesarito," and double up on meat just by asking for it. But did you know that there's one trick that will bring the flavor level of any menu item up about five notches, and you can get it for free?

That's right: it's cilantro.  And while it's not up front with all of the other ingredients, every location has a secret stash of chopped cilantro in the back that's intended to be mixed into the rice.

Ask whoever is making your burrito to add some extra cilantro and they'll grab a small cup, head into the back, and return with a heaping portion of cilantro to add to your order — absolutely free.

If you're tempted to run out during the lunchtime rush and try this for yourself, you might want to hold off until it's less crowded, however. Because the employee has to leave the line in order to get your cilantro, it's advised that you don't make this special request when the restaurant is extremely busy, because Chipotle at lunchtime is stressful enough as it is.

But if it's not too busy, he or she will be more than happy to accommodate your request, and you'll be rewarded with lots of fresh cilantro — making your burrito taste better than ever before.