North Dakota Man Airdrops Subway Sandwich From Tiny Plane For Hungry Friend

Who needs GrubHub when your friend has a plane?

Nathan Howatt was flying back from a dentist's appointment in Devils Lake, North Dakota, when he decided to airdrop his buddy a care-package: a sandwich from Subway with melted pepper-jack cheese, ranch and, banana peppers.

Mitchell Wirth, who was on the receiving end of the exchange, videotaped the delivery on Snapchat, documenting what the drop looked like from a ground view. He captioned the video, "Thanks buddy nice shot." The sandwich fell to safety and Howatt says it was even still warm when Wirth got it.

Howatt posted the whole adventure to his Facebook, where it's been viewed nearly 11,000 times. Subway even reposted the video on its own Facebook page, writing, "Friend level: Expert."

While Wirth's sub undoubtedly has our stomachs growling, the most exciting thing about it is the airborne delivery. For a different sort of sandwich adventure, check out these 20 life-changing sandwiches you've never heard of.