Next Time You’re Feeling Down, Pick Up a ‘Pick Me Up’ From San Francisco’s Lemonade

Got an aching sweet tooth? Lemonade launched a new series of decadent desserts called ‘Pick Me Ups’

Pick Me Ups are perfectly portable.

There are still a few more days until your new year’s resolutions take hold. Until then, swing by one of Lemonade’s 25 California locations for a portable, personal dessert: the recently launched Pick Me Ups. The trifle-style sweets served in glass jelly jars that come in seasonal and classic flavors. This winter, grab a pumpkin or maple-walnut cheesecake, a lemon meringue pie, or chocolate mint grasshopper pie.

Don't overlook Lemonade's classic flavors, either. Strawberry S’mores, Blood Orange Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Coconut Cake, and Nutella Cheesecake are all sure crowd-pleasers as well. Best of all, these petite sweet treats are only $6 for a big jar of sweet, crumbly goodness.

In fact, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Also, you can eat it as you walk if you’re in a rush, and you can seal it back up with the lid if you want to save some for later. Did somebody say midnight snack?

Lemonade is a privately held company that was started in 2008 by chef Alan Jackson and president and partner Ian Olsen, who aimed to raise the standard of quality and freshness in the industry. That approach has led to the company being named on Restaurant Business’ “The Fastest Growing Small Chains in America” list in 2015 and recently on QSR magazine's “Ones to Watch” list.

This California-based chain is known for its seasonally changing menu that provides healthy, farm-to-table-inspired food and welcomes its guests in an eco-friendly space. The menu includes colorful salads, braised meats, sandwiches, desserts, and, of course, thirst-quenching lemonades in flavors from cucumber to blood orange (and traditional lemon, obviously).


And those Pick Me Ups will still be waiting when your new year’s resolutions falter.