The Next Generation of Pop-Tarts Flavors Is Based on Soda, for Some Reason

We’re not sure which demographic is being targeted here, but we can’t see any parents adding these to their grocery lists

Is Pop-Tarts trying to sell soda as part of a balanced breakfast? 

We’ve never heard of any home where soda is considered part of a balanced breakfast, but for some reason, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts is trying to change that.

Typically, the most beloved Pop-Tarts are flavors like strawberry, cherry, and blueberry, which makes sense given how well fruits and flaky pastries tend to pair together. Now, there are two new flavors to compete for your affections — A&W Root Beer and Crush.

Available at nationwide retailers beginning in May, the root beer Pop-Tarts are described as “bubbling with root beer-flavored filling, wrapped inside a golden crust” and “topped with sweet white frosting and brown, red and orange crunchlets,” while the Crush-flavored variety features “citrus-flavored filling [that] will tingle your taste buds with its sweet white frosting and orange string icing.”

It’s unclear exactly which demographic Pop-Tarts is targeting here — it could be millennials, known for their love of mashups, or the preteen siblings of millennials, in which case the grocery shopping is probably still handled by a parent, who might, again, be less than inclined to buy a soda-inspired breakfast food.


In a press release, Pop-Tarts’ director of marketing Angela Gusse called the new flavors an attempt to “surprise our fans with flavors they love.”