New York City’s Mew Men Brings Out Bowls and More for Lunch in West Village

The third sister restaurant, this side-street Japanese eatery now offers lunch

On a cold winter day, swing by Mew Men for a bowl of ramen for lunch.

New York City’s Mew Men, the new sister restaurant to Her Name is Han and Izakaya Mew, has officially launched ramen during lunch for the remaining cold winter months.

From noon to 3 p.m. daily (except Mondays, when it’s closed), hungry ramen-lovers can enjoy the ramen and the rest of the à la carte menu or opt to chow down on a lunch set, which includes ramen, pickles, and a choice of either Kara Age (fried chicken) or a farm bowl made with pork.

We want you to go in prepared, so here’s how the ramen breaks down:

The Shoyu Chintan, Mew Men’s signature ramen, has a distinct soy sauce flavor and is made with pork chashu, chicken chashu, scallions, and marinated snow peas.

The broth of the Shio Paitan, on the other hand, is saltier, thicker, and creamier, made from smashed bone marrow, chicken and seafood broths, and topped with pork chashu, chicken chashu, fresh onions, and onion flakes.

If it’s spice you’re after, the Kara Shoyu is the spiciest ramen of the bunch; it’s the same base as the Shoyu Chintan but topped with a sautéed minced pork with a homemade Ra-yu, and fresh jalapeño is ground and cooked with the pork to add consistent spice. In case that’s not enough heat for you, it’s also served with ground habanero peppers on the side.


The cozy space, decorated with imported Japanese pottery and dinnerware, lends itself to a low-key, chill lunch. You can grab a stool at the chef’s counter or hunker down at one of the communal seating tables.